Plan B (Berlin) in Hamburg

Last week we went to see Plan B (Berlin) at the Molotow Live Music Club in Hamburg, Germany. Well, since we were just starting to listen to music in the 80′s we are no fans from the very beginning. Actually, we were no fans at all until few months ago.


Whamola 1.5

So, I played my first Whamola a while ago with my last band and finally I made it to upload the video.The video quality might not be perfect but it’s the music that counts.


Whamola 2.2

So, I am done with the body of the new Whamola. To be more precisely, the woodwork is done now. As expected it wasn’t that complicated even though I cold use some better tools. As far as I can see today the changes I worked on aren’t that bad, let’s hope everything will work out as planned. Next step will be the machanics. Stay tuned.

Whamola 2.2

Whamola 2.1

So, I started working on my second Whamola a few days ago. This one will be for a good friend of mine and I guess that’ll be as much fun as buildung the first one. Playing the Whamola is super cool, I’ll post a video of me playing my first one soon. I wanted to change one or two things with the design so I used the last days to think about that. Basically, the new design is done by now, I’ll just have to buy some parts tomorrow. Stay tuned to see the progress.

Design Whamola 2

Whamola 1.4

Translation of the text to English on December 26, 2011.

Finally, I am done with my first Whamola and I had a chance to play it with my band. Unfortunately, it was our very last rehearsal but I’m quite positive it’s not because of the Whamola. ;-)

See a video of me playing the Whamola soon.

Life in a Day

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich meine Gedanken zu einem Crowdsourcingprojekt aufgeschrieben. Dieses Projekt von Ridley Scott und Kevin Macdonald ist nun fertig und wird am 27.01. Premiere haben.


Whamola 1.3

Translation of the text to English on December 26, 2011.

Today I finished working on the body of my Whamola, ain’t that cool? With my tools it was quite a challenge milling the pockets for the electronics and mechanics but at the end I made it. It shouldn’t be no problem if they don’t look like I used a CNC machine since I’ll cover them anyway.

Tomorrow or next weekend at the latest I’ll start assembling everything, I’m getting a little nervous, if everything will work out fine. Stay tuned!