Within the last years I collected a large number of ideas for things I wanted to do but I rarely finished anything. This was because there were too many things I thought I really wanted to do. So I was sitting on a pile of half-finished projects which lowered my motivation quite a bit and at some point I asked myself if I was even able to do all of that stuff, or well, at least some of it. We’re talking about my spare time here, interestingly (and fortunately) I don’t have that problem at all at work.

One year ago I got another job where I have to work WAY more hours then before. So my days are more or less completely filled with work, no more nine to five. That was the moment I decided to change things. First of all, I got rid of all the stuff I didn’t need. Things I kept, because I might need them one day for projects I didn’t even think about yet. Those were both, physical and digital things. That cleaning process felt great, I noticed that all the stuff has been dead wight sitting on my chest and blocking my projects. Instead of doing anything at all I just wondered what I should do first and wasted quite some time with that.

After 9 months of cleaning, removing, and deleting I started with just two projects. One, I am trying to realize in a finite time interval but without pressure of course. A second one I am preparing for including research, sketches and such and that I will focus on as soon as the main project is done. That way I can do what I feel like on the weekends – practical or theoretical stuff.

Just after two months I do see progress that hasn’t been there for years and that just feels great.


The mix tape is back alive

Just like a lot of people my age I spent quite some time creating mix tapes. For me, for friends, and for girls of course. As the MC vanished we created one or two mix tapes on CD but that was somehow different and didn’t work out, at least for me.


I finally found my way to Spotify, and I’m loving it!

I have to admit, it took me really long to get an account over at Spotify’s. This is, because I do love buying CDs, I love the artwork, the feeling when unwrapping them, like a little present you made to yourself. What it actually is. I love listening to whole albums. And love listening actively to music. I love looking through my CDs – I got quite a few in the last 20 years – grabbing one album, putting it into the CD player and enjoying the music some artists made (just for me – and for some other people as well, maybe). Sure, you can listen to almost any album on the internet, just klick on it. Switch to another one or jump around listening to this or that. But I really dig the celebration of music. Just like coffee, you can have a quick one because just need a coffee break. Or you can take your time, grind the beans, set up the french press, wait a few minutes for the water to boil and a few more minutes till the coffee is done. Taking your time once in a while. Weiterlesen

Plan B (Berlin) in Hamburg

Last week we went to see Plan B (Berlin) at the Molotow Live Music Club in Hamburg, Germany. Well, since we were just starting to listen to music in the 80’s we are no fans from the very beginning. Actually, we were no fans at all until few months ago.


Whamola 1.5

So, I played my first Whamola a while ago with my last band and finally I made it to upload the video.The video quality might not be perfect but it’s the music that counts.


Whamola 2.2

So, I am done with the body of the new Whamola. To be more precisely, the woodwork is done now. As expected it wasn’t that complicated even though I cold use some better tools. As far as I can see today the changes I worked on aren’t that bad, let’s hope everything will work out as planned. Next step will be the machanics. Stay tuned.

Whamola 2.2

Whamola 2.1

So, I started working on my second Whamola a few days ago. This one will be for a good friend of mine and I guess that’ll be as much fun as buildung the first one. Playing the Whamola is super cool, I’ll post a video of me playing my first one soon. I wanted to change one or two things with the design so I used the last days to think about that. Basically, the new design is done by now, I’ll just have to buy some parts tomorrow. Stay tuned to see the progress.

Design Whamola 2