Plan B (Berlin) in Hamburg

Last week we went to see Plan B (Berlin) at the Molotow Live Music Club in Hamburg, Germany. Well, since we were just starting to listen to music in the 80’s we are no fans from the very beginning. Actually, we were no fans at all until few months ago.

If you’re moving around in the internet, your way will cross with Johnny Haeuslers – Plan Bs frontman – at some point, at least in the german speaking part of the interwebs. But this wasn’t my first contact to Plan B, my friend DennyRamone told me to listen to it and since he knows about good music, I did. And I liked what I was hearing. So, reading I got first hand news about the band and that they decided to reunion eventually. The day they started to sell the tickets for the show in Hamburg – their first official show after 18 years of absence – I got ours.

So there we were, a few weeks later, standing in the Molotow in Hamburg listening to Plan B among all these people that were already partying to that band two decades ago. It was awesome. There are just a few shows I saw where the band had so much fun being on stage and playing their songs to a crowd that waited for them quite a while and had loads of fun as well.

The show itself was just great, Plan Bs music is pure rock’n roll, completely straight forward. The only thing you can do is to party. The band is full of energy, just loved to see them play. So, Plan B, you got yourself two new fans. Not that young, but new.

There’s just one thing I want to add: you should go and get all of their albums – at least on tape.


Eine Antwort zu “Plan B (Berlin) in Hamburg

  1. Thanks for the support, the kind words and for coming along! And as you can guess: We never judge our friends by age, only by attitude. 😉

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