The mix tape is back alive

Just like a lot of people my age I spent quite some time creating mix tapes. For me, for friends, and for girls of course. As the MC vanished we created one or two mix tapes on CD but that was somehow different and didn’t work out, at least for me.

If you missed the awesome age of the mix tape you have to watch „High fidelity“ or even better read the book by Nick Hornby.

I wrote about spotify lately, loving it from the minute I got my account. Actually, first thing I used it for was creating a playlist with songs Metallica covered. And that’s not just sitting there, I listed to it more than once. Lately, I talked to a friend of mine about Slayer when I had to learn that he likes some of their songs but isn’t to much into them. So I decided to create another mix tape for him. That night I was sitting there browsing through the songs of Slayer, thinking about which one I should include and what order would be best to introduce that band to my friend. Just like in the old times.

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