Within the last years I collected a large number of ideas for things I wanted to do but I rarely finished anything. This was because there were too many things I thought I really wanted to do. So I was sitting on a pile of half-finished projects which lowered my motivation quite a bit and at some point I asked myself if I was even able to do all of that stuff, or well, at least some of it. We’re talking about my spare time here, interestingly (and fortunately) I don’t have that problem at all at work.

One year ago I got another job where I have to work WAY more hours then before. So my days are more or less completely filled with work, no more nine to five. That was the moment I decided to change things. First of all, I got rid of all the stuff I didn’t need. Things I kept, because I might need them one day for projects I didn’t even think about yet. Those were both, physical and digital things. That cleaning process felt great, I noticed that all the stuff has been dead wight sitting on my chest and blocking my projects. Instead of doing anything at all I just wondered what I should do first and wasted quite some time with that.

After 9 months of cleaning, removing, and deleting I started with just two projects. One, I am trying to realize in a finite time interval but without pressure of course. A second one I am preparing for including research, sketches and such and that I will focus on as soon as the main project is done. That way I can do what I feel like on the weekends – practical or theoretical stuff.

Just after two months I do see progress that hasn’t been there for years and that just feels great.

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