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Within the last years I collected a large number of ideas for things I wanted to do but I rarely finished anything. This was because there were too many things I thought I really wanted to do. So I was sitting on a pile of half-finished projects which lowered my motivation quite a bit and at some point I asked myself if I was even able to do all of that stuff, or well, at least some of it. We’re talking about my spare time here, interestingly (and fortunately) I don’t have that problem at all at work.

One year ago I got another job where I have to work WAY more hours then before. So my days are more or less completely filled with work, no more nine to five. That was the moment I decided to change things. First of all, I got rid of all the stuff I didn’t need. Things I kept, because I might need them one day for projects I didn’t even think about yet. Those were both, physical and digital things. That cleaning process felt great, I noticed that all the stuff has been dead wight sitting on my chest and blocking my projects. Instead of doing anything at all I just wondered what I should do first and wasted quite some time with that.

After 9 months of cleaning, removing, and deleting I started with just two projects. One, I am trying to realize in a finite time interval but without pressure of course. A second one I am preparing for including research, sketches and such and that I will focus on as soon as the main project is done. That way I can do what I feel like on the weekends – practical or theoretical stuff.

Just after two months I do see progress that hasn’t been there for years and that just feels great.



In diesem kurzen Beitrag soll es mal ums Essen gehen. Falls Ihr mal in New York City seid, ist ein Mittagessen bei Republic Pflicht! Dieser Laden gehört zu meinen absoluten Lieblingsrestaurants, bisher war ich bei jedem Besuch in der Stadt dort. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis stimmt einfach. Empfehlen kann man eigentlich alles, die ‚broth noodles‘ sind in jedem Fall einen Versuch wert.

Dazu ist das Restaurant sehr einladend, die helle Einrichtung überzeugt durch ihre klaren Linien, natürlich auch die überaus freundliche Bedienung.

Die Vision bzw. der Leitspruch paßt vollkommen: „Republic was created to be like no other restaurant in America“.

Zu finden ist das Restaurant auch noch leicht, es ist direkt am Union Square in Manhattan.

Und sie verkaufen hübsche Tassen für günstig Geld. 😀

Bass #1.1

Es geht voran. Langsam, langsam, weil ich mich grade auf das Whamola-Projekt konzentriere, aber immerhin. Schritt 1: Photo vom Bass machen. Check. Schritt 2: Das alte Ding auseinandenehmen. Check.