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I finally found my way to Spotify, and I’m loving it!

I have to admit, it took me really long to get an account over at Spotify’s. This is, because I do love buying CDs, I love the artwork, the feeling when unwrapping them, like a little present you made to yourself. What it actually is. I love listening to whole albums. And love listening actively to music. I love looking through my CDs – I got quite a few in the last 20 years – grabbing one album, putting it into the CD player and enjoying the music some artists made (just for me – and for some other people as well, maybe). Sure, you can listen to almost any album on the internet, just klick on it. Switch to another one or jump around listening to this or that. But I really dig the celebration of music. Just like coffee, you can have a quick one because just need a coffee break. Or you can take your time, grind the beans, set up the french press, wait a few minutes for the water to boil and a few more minutes till the coffee is done. Taking your time once in a while. Weiterlesen


Plan B (Berlin) in Hamburg

Last week we went to see Plan B (Berlin) at the Molotow Live Music Club in Hamburg, Germany. Well, since we were just starting to listen to music in the 80’s we are no fans from the very beginning. Actually, we were no fans at all until few months ago.


The New Loud – Post Punk Electro Rock aus Milwaukee

Letzte Woche Freitag gab es Post aus Milwaukee! The New Loud haben am 06.06.2010  nach einem Demo und einer EP ihr Debutalbum „measures melt“ herausgebracht. Grund genug für mich, mal im Shop vorbeizuschauen und alle drei CDs zu erstehen. Nach nur einer Woche waren die Scheiben also in meinem Briefkasten.